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Integrity Shops

Unfortunately, retailers and restaurants suffer loss due to employee theft. Employee theft can be devastating to your business. In many states, to conduct integrity types of shops to monitor honesty, the shopper must be a licensed private investigator. NWLPC is licensed to conduct integrity shops and has contacts in all 50 states of licensed and insured investigators.When it comes to this type of shops you want a licensed, insured investigator and not a mystery shopper who is uninsured and has no training. This could be a liability!

Washington State RCW:  "Private investigator agency" means a person or entity licensed under this chapter and engaged in the business of detecting, discovering, or revealing one or more of the following:

  • Crime, criminals, or related information;
  • The identity, habits, conduct, business, occupation, honesty, integrity, credibility, knowledge, trustworthiness, efficiency, loyalty, activity, movement, whereabouts, affiliations, associations, transactions, acts, reputation, or character of any person or thing:
  • The location, disposition, or recovery of lost or stolen property;
  • The cause or responsibility for fires, libels, losses, accidents, or damage or injury to persons or to property;
  • Evidence to be used before a court, board, officer, or investigative committee;
  • Detecting the presence of electronic eavesdropping devices; or
  • The truth or falsity of a statement or representation.

If you think your business may have issues, or you just want to monitor employee honesty, contact NWLPC. Remember, if you suffer a loss of $10 and you have a 5% profit margin you have to have sales of $200 to make up for that lost profit.

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