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About Doug Rector - NW Loss Prevention Consultants

Founder of Northwest Loss Prevention Consultants, Doug has over fifteen years in the retail field of loss prevention.  Doug started Northwest Loss Prevention to help smaller businesses, that didn't have a loss prevention department, recognize the need of “proactive” loss prevention (prevent loss before it occurs). Along with consulting small businesses in the area of loss prevention, NWLPC also offers mystery shopping services as well as being a notary.  Doug has completed the Private Investigation Certificate program at the University of Washington and he is licensed by the state of Washington as a Private Investigator. Doug is an active member of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association and has served on the Board of Directors for 6 years,

NWLPC is a member of the Washingon and Oregon Restaurant Associations amd is an active member of the Kiwanis of Issaquah and has been elected to serve onthe Board of Directors starting October 2017.

Doug is a native Californian who grew up in Imperial Beach, California, where he graduated from Mar Vista High School, attended Southwestern Junior College and San Diego State College.  Doug is also a graduate of the University of Washington earning a certificate in private investigations. Doug moved to the Pacific Northwest where he pursued a career in retail loss prevention, and was a reserve police officer for the West Linn Police department while living in the Portland, Oregon area.  He currently lives in Renton, WA, with his wife Liz.  Doug has two children, Kaycie and Scott, who are both students, and two grown stepchildren, Matt and Kelli. Doug also has 8 grandchildren, Anthony, Colby, Alissa, Grayson, Hudson, Tyler, Paige,  and Skylar.

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