Do You Feel Like A Ghost?

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Do You Feel Like A Ghost?
By: Doug Rector ~ 1/6/2017

How many times have you been to a restaurant, sat down and felt like a ghost? You sit there, servers walk by and never acknowledge your presence. You sit, you sit and you sit. Finally you are in this awkward situation wondering if you should just leave and go to another restaurant or wave someone down to take your order. You decide to stay, not knowing how the service will be after placing your order. Now, you are waiting, waiting and waiting and after an ample amount of time your food still has not arrived. Now, you are in this awkward situation once again wondering if you should just leave. You may have wasted your lunch hour at this point.

A restaurant can have great food, food that everyone raves about, but with bad customer service and slow delivery that "great" food may not matter. Yet a restaurant that serves good, not great food, may have exceptional customer service. What restaurant will people gravitate to?

An effective mystery shopping program is an inexpensive way to monitor customer service and customer’s perception to maintain the standards necessary to be a restaurant with both exceptional food and exceptional customer service.

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