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How to Become a Mystery Shopper

rev. 7-29-2017

Mystery shopping can be both fun and rewarding. Would you like to be a mystery shopper?

Businesses use mystery shoppers to secretly shop their establishments, making sure the procedures they have put in place are being adhered to, while making sure the customer is being taken care of. Secret shoppers are the "eyes" of the business owner.

We have shopping opportunities available throughout the Northwest, as well as many parts of the United States. If you would like to become a mystery shopper, please read the following Independent Contractor Agreement and then continue with the application process below.

Independent Contractor Agreement

Independent Contractor Agreement
It is understood and agreed that the information listed in the preceding profile is true and accurate. Misrepresentation of the truth will be sufficient cause for cancellation of the contract agreement below. Independent contractor agreement:
This agreement is made by and between Northwest Loss Prevention Consultants (NWLPC) and Independent Contractor("Contractor"): In the performance of services on behalf of NWLPC, Contractor (Research Participant) shall be an independent contractor and not an employee of NWLPC. It is the contractor's responsibility to be licensed as their own business within the state they are contracted in and recognized as their own business. NWLPC is not responsible for contractor's insurance or any type of unemployment insurance. NWLPC reserves the right to immediately cease any agreement with the contractor if found the contractor does not meet the requirements if an independent contractor. Contractor is not an agent of, or authorized to transact business, enter into agreements, or otherwise make commitments on behalf of NWLPC. Nothing in this agreement shall be construed as constituting the establishment of an employer / employee relationship. It is the expressed intention of both parties that contractor is not an employee of NWLPC for federal, state or local tax purposes. Contractor retains all rights as an independent contractor to provide same or similar services for others throughout the term of this agreement. Services to be provided by contractor:
Contractor agrees to provide contract services on behalf of NWLPC. Contractor will retain the right to accept, refuse, or negotiate all specific contract requests. NWLPC will periodically contact Contractor with offers to engage services. Each such offer will include a description of the service to be provided.
If Contractor accepts contract, Contractor will determine the method by which services will be provided. NWLPC will supply only general guidelines as to specifications of the contract. Contractor or Contractor's agents will furnish NWLPC with a summary report of services provided. NWLPC shall have no right to, and will not, control the methods used by the Contractor to fulfill contract specifications as long as it falls within State and/or Federal laws.
Compensation, Liability, and Taxes: If services provided satisfy all contract specifications, NWLPC agrees to pay Contractor an agreed-upon rate for each unit of service provided. Contractor shall submit invoices ("service agreements") with all summaries of service provided. If it is found that any reports are falsified the independent contractor accepting the shop will be held liable for any loss of revenue. The independent contractor is also held legally liable for the content of their reports. NWLPC reserves the right to suspend payment to the contractor if the guidelines of the research are not met (unless written authorization is given by NWLPC), if the report is falsified or the accuracy of the report is compromised. If the Contractor fails to perform a research without informing NWLPC within 48 hours (unless otherwise noted in the research instructions of a specific job offer) of the due date, the contractor may be held liable for any loss of revenue.

It is understood that Contractor will supply all tools, transportation, and equipment as may be required for fulfillment of contract specifications. Contractor agrees to indemnity and hold NWLPC harmless for any claims of injury, accident, disability, damage which may occur to Contractor, or Contractor's agents or property in the performance of services on behalf of NWLPC and NWLPC clients. Contractor shall be responsible for all costs limited to, all equipment expense, licenses, fees, fines, or taxes imposed on Contractor as Contractor's cost of doing business. If NWLPC pays Contractor $600.00 or more in-any calendar year, NWLPC will reports those fees to the Internal Revenue service on Form 1099-MISC.
This agreement may be terminated by either party by written notice to the other party. Should Contractor default in the performance of, or breach any provisions of this agreement, NWLPC may terminate this agreement by providing written notice to Contractor. For purposes of this Agreement, breach shall include, but not be limited to, failure on the part of Contractor to fulfill specifications of contract, failure to provide summary of services provided, misrepresentation of facts, theft, or dishonesty.
All compensation and reimbursements will be paid by PayPal on the 20th day of the month following the shop provided the guidelines of the shop were met. Payments may be delayed if the shop is not turned in within 24 hours after the shop. If a shop is conducted in a certain month and turned in after the 1st of the next month then payment will be withheld until the next month. Therefore, if a shop is done by the Contractor, for example on January 31st and is submitted on the 2nd of February, payment will be on March 20th.

The audit sheet must be accurate and received by NWLPC within 48 hours of the shop unless written approval is made between the contractor and NWLPC. Reports where there are inaccuracies, or where the researcher uses language that could be insulting or crude will be rejected and the shopper will not be eligible for compensation or reimbursement. If failure to meet shop description or specific guideless of a shop is not met the shop may be rejected.

If a report is in need of major editing NWLPC reserves the right to deduct the compensation from the Research Participants pay to offset our editing fees after giving the shopper one opportunity to make corrections.

Shops that are proved to be fraudulent will be sent to our legal department for review. Research Participants will be held financially liable and may be prosecuted for fraud. This includes Research Participants who may register using alias and fictitious information.

CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT Contractor may not share reports, forms or any other information regarding clients of NWLPC with any competitor, competitor's clients, either directly or indirectly.

Contractors are not to contact clients of NWLPC for ANY reason, whether the contractor is an assigned researcher or not. All forms, reporting features and contents of a report form are the property of NWLPC and are not to be shared with any other company. Contractors are not to discuss client names, procedures or job specifics with any other mystery shopping company or any schedulers who may contact you from any other mystery shopping companies. Contractors also agree not to make contact with any client of NWLPC to discuss reports or procedures, payments, complaints regarding service or for any other reason.

Contractors are not to discuss the names of any of its clients in any chat room or mystery shopping board. Contractors may contact individual businesses, with the written consent of NWLPC, to obtain new client referrals, but these are conditional and information can be obtained from NWLPC. Contractors in violation of the Confidentiality Agreement will be held financially liable for any violation of this agreement, including attorney and legal fees.

Contractors should keep receipts until after they are reimbursed.  Any modification to this Agreement will require same to be in writing and signed by the party of the charged. This agreement will be governed by, and construed in-accordance with, the laws of the State of Washington. By accepting this with Northwest Loss Prevention Consultants, I understand that I release NWLPC from any liability of workers compensation, unemployment or any liability since I verify I am an independent contractor. I will be legally bound to the terms of the agreement.

All shoppers are required to have a W-9 form filed before payment for any shops completed. Signed W9 forms can be emailed to accounting@nwlpc.com or faxed to 888-433-0060. A W9 form can be obtained at www.irs.gov.

AS OF 1-15-2009 WE WILL ONLY PAY VIA PAYPAL. There are several advantages for shoppers including; ensured payment on the 20th rather than waiting for a check via mail, no lost or stolen checks, and shopper ability to transfer funds to their own bank account. It is the responsibility of the contractor to update their profile at www.isecretshop.com to include a valid PayPal email address. Please email doug@nwlpc.com if you have any questions.

It is the contractor's sole responsibility to be familiar with the Independent Contractor agreement.  Notifications regarding shops, payments and other useful information may also be generated in an email. It is the contractor's resposibility to check their spam on a regular basis. Contractor is not to contact I Secret Shop direct regarding payment issues or clarification on a shop.

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